Hi, I'm Laurie de Fleuriot,

and I'm a digital fundraiser.

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I work with charities and nonprofits to develop strategic fundraising plans and to advance their digital capabilities.

Do you dream of making an impact on the world?

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Changing the world together

I hold a core belief that the charitable sector plays an integral role in the advancement of today's society.

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Let’s talk about philanthropy

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Global Climate Strike 09-20-2019


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I want more young people on boards

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Getting involved with charitable boards can be intimidating for young people (Millennials and Gen Z) but I'd like to bridge that gap.

I encourage and support young people to bring their experience to the board table at organizations they care about.

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Career Highlights

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  • Started managing nonprofit brands on social media in 2010 - universities, small shops, and grassroots orgs

  • Provided more than 30 live workshops and social media marketing skills training to more than 400 professionals in the social impact sector

  • Raised more than $750,000 through online giving forms and digital campaigns

  • Raised more than $900,000 with online and hybrid peer-to-peer fundraising events

  • Now providing consulting services to small nonprofits wanting to make more impact

Let's discover together how you can change the world!

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I'd love to hear from you

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Laurie de Fleuriot, CFRE